We received video from our military forces in the Middle East. They are using Pro Guide Gold to remove body odors from their body armor vests, bomb disposal suits and fire department gear. They contacted us because they couldn't get the body odors out of the suits and was getting unbearable. We now have video from there watch below!!


remove skunk odors
U.S. Federal Government's System for Award Management (SAM) # 079828330

I purchased 2 bottles of Pro Guide Gold for the purpose of removing odor from my sons hockey gear. The sweat odor in his helmet and shin guards gets pretty ripe and it is impossible to put them in the washing machine. We have used fabreeze at the rink for all the loaner gear and goalie equipment, it only masks it for a short period.
I tested the Pro Guide on one shin guard to compare effectiveness. I had my wife smell one (unsprayed) and off course the odor was pungent. Then she smelled the sprayed shin guard….no odor. I took a bottle into the rink, I spray it on the dog beds, trash cans, any where I need to remove an odor. It is AMAZING! As a retired Army Ranger I know how gear can get pretty ripe when you’re training hard. I HIGHLY recommend the product. 

D. C.
Retired Sergeant Major
Jacksonville, FL

My husband had just returned from hunting and let our dog outside. When the dog came back in our home she had a very rancid odor of fox urine she rolled in. In the Fall, fox urine smell is as rank as a skunk. I grabbed our bottle of Pro Guide Gold/All Pet Odor Eliminator and sprayed the dog down from head to toe. Within an hour after drying the dog smelled just like after bathing her that morning. Pro Guide Gold/All Pet Odor Eliminator is an incredible product that is safe to use on any animal. This product is 100 percent environmentally friendly and safe for humans and animals. DP, McCall Idaho.

Our family pizza parlor had a fire in the kitchen at 3 in the morning and when we showed up the fire department was already there with the fire under control and had very little loss. Most of all we had smoke damage throughout. We contacted Pro Guide Gold, a local company and they came in and sprayed down our walls, ceiling and anywhere smoke could be lingering. in a very short time you could barely smell smoke from the fire. We took and sprayed Pro Guide Gold in to the HVAC the next day and now our Pizza Parlor is back smelling like a Pizza place. Thank you Pro Guide Gold. Boise, Idaho Pizza Parlor.

While on a family outing here in California our dog decided to chase after a little black and white kitty, he found out that the kitty carried a powerful odor and nailed him square in the face, Our dog ran straight back to our SUV and jumped in before we cold close the door, you can just imagine what our SUV smelled like. My husband opened up the back and grabbed his bottle of Pro Guide Gold and pulled the dog out and sprayed him down then proceeded to spray down the interior leather where the dog rubbed his face trying to get the skunk smell off. As we drove back home we left the windows down and by the time we arrived we could not smell any skunk odor and now weeks later still as fresh as the day we purchased our SUV. MM, Sacramento, CA

I received my bottle of Pro Guide Gold in the mail the other day and was going to put it to the test the following weekend out whitetail deer hunting here in Michigan. Saturday morning we did not spray down with the Pro Guide Gold and as expected, when the whitetail deer, about 7 of them started coming in came up to the line we had just walked. And guess what? They stomped, snorted and ran away from the smell of danger.

Sunday morning we sprayed down with Pro Guide Gold and walked to a new tree stand and got ready for action. About an hour later here they came grazing along right up to where we walked earlier. We were ready to see the show with their tails as they ran off, but today they grazed right over our foot steps. Pro Guide Gold is unbelievable! I have used other products claiming to be the best scent eliminator, but Pro Guide Gold blows them all away! MP, Michigan

I started using Pro Guide Gold in 2009. I have a friend who owns a scent company in North Carolina who sent me a bottle of an amazing odor eliminator and asked me to try it out. Over the years I have put it to the test while hunting here in Idaho. I have a bevy hat I wear for elk hunting and when I have my release attached to my bow string I do not have the ability to grab my bottle of cow elk estrus cover scent when the wind swirls so I spray the top of the bevy hat to carry the cow elk scent out. Well my 2 sons would not get in the truck when I would wear the hat because of the smell. One day I took the odor eliminator and sprayed the hat and in a matter of minutes the smell was totally gone. I asked my sons to smell the hat and they looked at me like I was crazy and puling a prank on them. I set a $20 bill on the work bench and told them if they could smell the cow elk scent it was theirs. My youngest son picked up the hat and as he took it towards his nose reached for the $20 and picked it up as the hat reached his nose and he said yep smell it thanks for the $20. Well he actually smelled the hat and set the 20 back down, he was amazed that horrible smell was gone. He asked if I had gone and bought a new hat. I tell you this product is the best odor eliminator I have ever used in my home and in the field. GP, Idaho

Other scent eliminators leave a stain on cloths and I was again amazed that Pro Guide Gold left no stain or residue on our clothing. It is 100% environmentally friendly and best of all 100% made here in the U.S.A. Support American Made Products I recommend Pro Guide Gold for all serious hunters. MP, Michigan Whitetail Bow Hunter.

I raise miniature ponies here in Idaho and I had a mare lose a colt during birth. 3 days later the mare died and the removal service could not pick the horse up for 2 days. It laid there in the barn and boy did did it start to stink. After the horse was removed my dog went out and rolled in the dirt where the horse died and when he came back in the whole house smelled like a dead horse. The dog had gone into my sons room and rolled on the carpet and I thought I would never get that smell out. I picked up a bottle of Pro Guide Gold and sprayed the dog down. My wife was laughing saying it wasn't going to work because it was just water I was spraying on the dog. A couple hours later my wife went in search for the dog to see if the smell was gone, it was and she was amazed. I took the bottle and also sprayed under the kitchen sink and it also took that odor away and last but not least I went out and sprayed the dirt where the dead horse laid and all the odor is completely gone. I really recommend Pro Guide Gold for eliminating any kind of odor. Mike L. Kuna Idaho

*** Pro Guide Gold will never go bad. All other scent and odor eliminators have a short shelf life. ***

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