Cleaning Power: Eliminates odor and scent. Effectively cleans odor producing area.

Apply to area producing odor/scent and rub in lightly if odor/scent is deep. Product starts working on contact. When dry Pro Guide Gold and All Pet continues to destroy odor.

pH: 1.5 diluted packaged in bottles.
Flash Point: Negligible
Boiling Point: Greater than 212 degrees F.
Odor: Mild fresh scent. Does not contain fragrance or D-limonene’s
Water solubility: Complete
Shelf Life: Indefinite when stored in closed containers between 32 degrees F and 120 degrees F. 

Environmental and Safety Considerations
Biodegradability: 100%
Hazardous: No components are listed in the NTOSH Recommendations for Occupational.
Components: Health standards, 1988 or defined as hazardous by S.A.R.A. or RCRA or OSHA PEL’s are established for ingredients.
Handling: Prolonged contact with product may cause slight dryness of skin.
Disposal: Cleaner itself may be disposed through municipal systems. Oil cleaned from surfaces must be disposed following local regulations.

Manufacturer: JGII
Date of prepared: September 1, 1006 Formulation # JG200
Product: Industrial odor eliminator and degreaser.

Ingredients and Hazard Classification
Ingredients (CAS) Percent PEL/TLV
Components are classified trade secret. No components are believed to be hazardous or listed on the NIOSH Recommendations for Occupational Safety and Health Standards. 1998 or listed in as hazardous by S.A.R.A., CERCLA or RCRA, No OSHA PEL’s are established for any of the ingredients.

Physical/Chemical Characteristics
Boiling Point: 212 degrees F. Vapor Pressure (mm hg) 1.0 @ 20 degrees C
Solubility in water: 100% Specific gravity 1.02 @ 60 degrees C
pH: 7.5 (concentrate) Appearance and odor: Clear, fresh scent.
(NOTE) no d-limonene's

Fire and Explosion Data:
Flash Point: Not applicable Flame Limits: Not applicable
LEL: Not applicable UEL: Not applicable
Extinguishing Media: Not applicable
Special Fire Fighting Procedures: Not applicable
Unusual Fire Explosion Hazards: None

Reactivity Data:
Stability: Stable. Incompatibility: None
Hazardous Decomposition Procedures: Carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide
Hazardous Polymerization: Will not occur

Health Hazard Data: Exposure Limits
OSHA PEL: Not established ACGIII TEL: Not established

Routes of entry: Inhalation Yes, SKIN: Yes, Ingestion: Yes

Signs and Symptoms of Exposure:
Eyes: Not considered Ocular irritant
Skin: Not considered to be dermal irritant
Inhalation: Negligible
Ingestion: Drink water

First Aid:
Eyes: Flush with water 1 minute
Skin: Rinse affected area with water
Inhalation: Negligible
Ingestion: Drink water
Carcinogenicity: NTP? No IAC? No OSHA Regulated? No

Precautions For Safe Handling and Use:
Spill or Leak Procedures: Rinse affected area with water

Waste Disposal: Dispose as non-hazardous waste in accordance with local regulations
Storage and Handling Procedures: Store between 32 degrees F. and 120 degrees F.  in closed container to prevent evaporation. Freezing will not damage material as long as container remains intact

Other precautions: Product is a strong and effective cleaner and encapsulator of hydrocarbons. Although components have no hazard levels, the product has a strong base and will remove oils from the skin. Avoid prolonged skin contact

Control Measures:
Respiratory Protection: In confined spaces use respirator appropriate to odor being eliminated or odor producing source being sprayed; otherwise none

Ventilation:  Under ordinary conditions of use for its intended purpose, no special ventilation is required

Protective Gloves: Wear when working with bulk applications and there is prolonged probability of skin contact, otherwise none

Eye Protection: Wear if needed to prevent reasonable probability of eye contact

Work/Hyglenic Practices: Do not ingest, do not splash in eyes, and do not inhale for prolonged periods as with any chemical compound

Hazard Classification:
IMO Hazard Class Number: Non-hazardous. UN Number Not applicable
US DOT Hazard Class: Not regulated by DOT US DOT Identification Number: Not applicable

Regulatory Information:
EPA SNAP: Significantly New Alternative Policy Program List
HMIS Rating: Health: 0 Flammability: 0 Reactivity: 0

Environmental Data:
Biodegradability: Product is 100% biodegradable in an active environment within 21 days.
Toxicity: Testing is a 96 hour static non-renewal test, using mysidopisis babia, showed less than 5% mortality at concentration of 338 ppm. Estimated LC50>2,500 ppm

Information presented in MSDS is believed to be factual, however, nothing contained in this information is to be taken as a warranty of any kind by JGII The user should review recommendations, in specific context of the intended use, to determine whether they are appropriate.





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