Hunting scent odor eliminator for that clean fresh outdoors smell!

If you are a hunter and are looking for the ultimate odor scent eliminator then look no farther! Pro Guide Gold is becoming the number 1 odor scent eliminator on the market. Our product has been tested on one of the toughest animals to hunt, animals that can pick up scent 1 million times easier than dogs with impressive results. What animal am I talking about? The elusive Whitetail deer! Hunters have been writing to tell us how superior Pro Guide Gold is over any other scent odor eliminate on the market today. Pro Guide Gold doesn't mask human scent.. it eliminates it!

Spray on you clothes when you leave your truck and Pro Guide Gold immediately begins to eliminate odors. You can even spray all your hunting clothes and gear then store in plastic back and put on when you are ready to go out hunting.

"We tested Pro Guide Gold this last Fall during Whitetail deer season in Michigan. The first day we went into our tree stand and in about an hour here came a group of whitetail's. As usual when they approached the line we walked earlier the whitetail deer snorted, blew, stomped the ground and flew back in the direction from which they came. The next morning as we headed in to a different tree stand and stopped well in advance and sprayed ourselves down from head to toe with Pro Guide Gold. We proceeded to our tree stand and got all set up and after 45 minutes here came the whitetail deer. As they approached where we had walked in we were expecting the usual, but today they grazed right over our foot prints. It was totally unbelievable to watch the deer not pick up our scent."

Pro Guide Gold removes the human scent and odor so well even the experts that live in the woods don't know you are there!

Pro Guide Gold will not stain your clothing or leave any residue (white ring) on any material applied to. Pro Guide Gold will continue to work killing  volatilized compounds that cause odors even after it has dried.

*** Pro Guide Gold will never go bad. All other scent and odor eliminators have a short shelf life. ***

ORDER NOW PRO GUIDE GOLD 12 ounce bottle $10.95 plus shipping 1-3 bottles $8.00 USPS Priority Mail.

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