Eliminate cigarette smoke odor completely... forever from your car, SUV, truck or any where.

Pro Guide Gold doesn't mask scent it completely eliminates odors!! This is a very powerful smoke odor eliminator that will remove smoke odor from cars. Try it now and remove smoke odor from your car!

Volvo automotive now uses this product to dip all their vehicles HVAC duct systems in to eliminate any possible odor.

A Hyundai and Dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM dealership in Idaho uses Pro Guide Gold in cars that have been smoked in. By smoking in your car you devalue it and customers who do not smoke will not buy a car that has been smoked in. Well they won't if they knew. The dealership had a Jeep that had been heavily smoked in and it sat there for 2 months. After spraying the interior with Pro Guide Gold Odor Eliminator the next person who test drove that Jeep purchased it. It took less than 36 hours after being treated when it sold!

If you are tired of the lingering smoke smell in your car or if you are going to be trading one in that has smoke smell in it try Pro Guide Gold and instantly increase your cars value. The dealer may never know. Oh also clean out the ash tray and shine it up they always look in there.


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Odor Eliminator Pro Guide Gold


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