Remove smoke odor from your home permanently! Cigarette smoke or fire smoke in your home Pro Guide Gold will eliminate all smoke smell.

Pro Guide Gold is safe and easy to use. Spray directly on odor point of origin and gently rub in and when it dries odors are gone! Pro Guide Gold will not stain or leave any residue, 100% environmentally friendly and safe to use.

If you have smoke from smoking or fire you can even put Pro Guide Gold in the washing machine to remove the smoke odors from your clothes and other fabrics in your home.

If you have a car that has been smoked in just spray the interior with Pro Guide Gold and make your car smell almost brand new.

If you want to eliminate cigarette smoke in a car then Pro Guide Gold is your only choice!!!

*** Pro Guide Gold will never go bad. All other scent and odor eliminators have a short shelf life. ***

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Odor Eliminator Pro Guide Gold


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